Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Old Trail Map for Herrontown Woods

Update, 2017: An up to date trail map can be found at this link.

Though the nonprofit Friends of Herrontown Woods is developing a new, more accurate map for Herrontown Woods, here's an older version that is at least color-coded. The parking lot off of Snowden Lane is in the lower right hand corner. Some interesting historic features are shown on this map. Beginning in the lower right, the pine grove is mostly gone now, a victim of wind and ice storms in recent years. There's a cabin shown in that grove on the map. That was torn down around 2005, but the footprint is still visible next to the trail. Interesting to see that there once were privies along the green trail. The outline of the stream, with its beginnings near the blue trail, suggests that all the land that feeds it has been preserved--an impressive accomplishment.

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