Friday, January 8, 2016

A PawPaw Patch is Born

There was a lot of great energy and spirit out at Veblen House this past Sunday, Jan. 3, when we threw essentially our first social event on the house grounds: a PawPaw Patch Planting Party. Hot cider and cookies were on a table in the field next to the house, and a fine spot had been cleared for the pawpaw planting.

The event was sponsored by our Friends of Herrontown Woods nonprofit, of course, and friend Stan who provided the pawpaw seedlings, but also in part by El Nino, an ocean current dedicated to weirding our weather from its home base in the Pacific Ocean. The weather turned out to be more normal than expected, which is to say it was winteresqe, but still sunny and pleasant.

Our event offered a chance for everyone to get acquainted with this special place at the northeast edge of town, on the edge of a new year.

The hardy pawpaws took a new year's dive into the cold ground as we sipped the warm cider.

This one got special treatment, a circle of sticks--another circle in the many-circled land around the Veblen House. Thanks to all who joined us for this grounds-warming party!