Sunday, June 1, 2014

Will the Real Veblen House Please Stand Up?

They're both still standing, but which is which? To tell the truth, people who leave not one but two houses in the public trust really should consider including an endowment for clear labeling.

On your left, dressed in black (it used to be a two-tone with the second floor a chestnut brown color), is Veblen House, the 1920s prefab in a lovely setting where the Veblens lived.

On your right is the cottage, more commonly seen because it's at the intersection of two main trails in Herrontown Wood. This 1870 Dauer farmhouse was used by Veblen as a study, beginning in the 1930s. Though it isn't "Einstein's house", as one rumor had it, Einstein would visit his friend and colleague Veblen, and spend some quality time surrounded by nature and the simplicity of this rustic farmstead.

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