Sunday, April 6, 2014

Award-Winning Trail Work by Kurt and Sally

Some news that didn't get posted earlier: Back in January, two members of the Friends of Herrontown Wood, Kurt Tazelaar and Sally Curtis, received a 2013 Sustainable Princeton Leadership Award for their transformative work to clear trails at Herrontown Wood and Autumn Hill Reservation this past summer and fall. Trails through 200 acres of the Princeton Ridge nature corridor had become blocked by fallen trees and overgrown by invasive shrubs over several years. After getting the green light from Princeton's municipal staff, and using a chain saw, loppers and a scythe, Kurt and Sally spent some 400 volunteer hours making these two beautiful preserves a pleasure to hike through once again.

Presenting the awards, Mayor Liz Lempert commended them "for their energetic and inspiring work in clearing trails in 2013, making two Princeton nature preserves inviting and accessible to the public." A post from last August when they were just starting their trail work can be found at this link

They are continuing to work on the trails at Herrontown Wood, to make them more passable in spring when the ground is saturated with water. 

Congratulations to Kurt and Sally for this much deserved award.

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