Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A Well Gets a Cover

During a recent Rotary Club workday at Veblen House, we found a use for these heavy wooden wheels that had been stored in a volunteer's carport for many years, awaiting a second life. So much of reuse has to do with creative matchmaking. There are six wells on the Veblen property of varying vintage. Some were for tapping into the groundwater that rises and falls from two feet down to ten, depending on rainfall and the season. Others appear to have served some drainage function, and one of them lacked a cover.

This brick-lined well is five feet deep, and judging from the bones in the bottom had trapped a deer at some point.
The original use is still in question, but close inspection revealed two openings at the bottom, where six inch pipes provide entrance and exit for water coming from the direction of the house.
The heavy covers, like the good roof on the Veblen House, will help this well hold its secrets until there's time for further study and reutilization.

While I covered the well, Ahmed, John P., and Len tangled with some massive multiflora roses in the field next to the house.

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